Joint Replacements

If you need a joint replacement, the procedure will involve removing all or part of the damaged joint and replacing it with a man-made joint. After the procedure, you may need to stay in the hospital a day or two, but you’ll be up and walking soon. We’ll use the least invasive procedure available for your condition and do our best to make sure you have an excellent outcome.

Thanks to advancements in modern medicine, some joint replacement patients can now have their joint replacement surgery and go home on the same day. Same-day discharge, or Fast Track program, means that patients have their joint replacement surgery early in the morning, have an accelerated physical therapy session a couple hours after surgery, and can go home later that afternoon if they meet certain safety and mobility criteria. Same-day discharge for joint replacement patients is an option for many healthy patients but only occurs if the patient, the family and the surgeon feel it is appropriate. Patients can always change their mind after surgery and stay in the hospital if need be. Speak with your Saint Thomas Joint Replacement Institute surgeon if you are interested in this Fast Track program.

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