Dorsal Column Stimulator

Millions of Americans suffer with chronic back pain. While treatment, both non-surgical and surgical, has come a long way, some patients continue to experience debilitating pain that negatively impacts the quality of their lives.

If this describes your situation, you might find relief from your pain with the dorsal column stimulator. This procedure utilizes spinal cord stimulation made possible by a small electrical pulse generator connected to stimulating electrodes with conducting wires. These components are implanted in the patient and controlled by an external remote-control device.

If you are a candidate for the dorsal column stimulator, here's what you can expect:

  • The stimulating electrodes are placed under the skin while the electrical pulse stimulator is positioned in the lower abdomen or the gluteal area.
  • Surgery results have proven to be highly successful in terms of blocking pain signals from reaching the brain, immediately improving the patient’s quality of life.

This surgical technique is generally considered if previous back surgeries have not produced the results that the patient or surgeon anticipated. Your physician will be able to guide you as you consider dorsal column stimulator surgery.

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